Legal Aptitude Exam

When you start to think about LLB and turn into a legal advisor, 90% of the time you will be applying the law to true circumstances. Your expertise in doing as such, will decide how great a legal advisor you will be. The purpose of legal aptitude exam is to test your ability to legitimately apply a rule or set of rules to a given situation or facts, even when the outcome of the decision is unacceptable for whatever other reason. It is not the aim to test any knowledge of law that the candidate already possesses but to test the application of a rule that is provided in the question.

To equip you with legal reasoning skills for law entrance exams, this tutorial covers different areas of acts with principles along with examples or illustrations explaining the legal principle so that you learn the way to apply legal principles to given factual situation and arrive at the most correct answers. The legal aptitude or legal reasoning test usually covers the following acts:

  1. Indian Contract Act
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. Law of Crimes
  4. Law of Torts
  5. Miscellaneous Acts



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