Law grants protection against various injuries to the citizens of a country. Like citizens, a nation is also granted protection against certain acts to preserve its safety, security and integrity. Such offences are called offences against the State.

Sedition, waging war against the State, collecting arms with the intention of waging war against the State are few examples.

Whenever a person by his acts or speeches or visible representation like painting, cartoons etc. brings or tries to bring the government into hatred or contempt of its people, he is guilty of sedition. Sedition is an offence against the State. Section 124A of the IPC deals with sedition.


  1. A, a journalist with a reputed newspaper, writes a strongly worded article censuring government policy regarding the economy and compares them with the better policies of the past. A is not guilty of sedition.
  2. A, a scientist, gives a call that the government of the country is useless and should be replaced positively in the next elections. A is not guilty of sedition as he is seeking replacement of government in the democratic manner of re-election.


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