Adjective is a word and it qualifies a noun. It gives more information about the noun. These different forms of the adjective are called the Degrees of Comparison.

1. Positive Degree

The Positive Degree is used to denote the mere existence of quality.

The Positive Degree of an adjective in comparison is the adjective in its simple form. It is used to denote the mere existence of some quality of what we speak about. It is used when no comparison is made.


It is a tall building.

Apple is sweet to taste.

 2. Comparative Degree

The Comparative Degree is used to compare the qualities of two persons or things.

The Comparative Degree denotes the existence of a higher degree of the quality than the positive. It is used when two things (or two sets of things) are compared.


This building is taller than any other building.

Apple is sweeter than pear.

 3. Superlative Degree

The Superlative Degree denotes the existence of the highest degree of the quality. It is used when more than two things are compared.


This is the tallest building.

Apple is the sweetest fruit.

The Superlative Degree is used when more than two nouns or things are compared.

Johnsy is kind (Positive Degree)

Johnsy is kinder than Rosy (Comparative Degree)

Johnsy is the kindest of all (Superlative Degree)

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Positive Comparative Superlative
beautifulMore beautifulMost beautiful
Good (adjective)

well (adverb)

Bad, evil, illWorseWorst
LateLater (time)

latter (position)



FarFarther (distance)

Further (additional)



oldOlder (persons and things)

Elder (members of family)





Model -1

Superlative: India is the greatest country in the world.

Comparative: India is greater than any other country in the world. (or)

India is greater than all other countries in the world.

Positive: No other country in the world  is so/as great as India.

Model -2

Superlative: Kalam  is one of the most famous scientists in the world.

Comparative: Kalam is more famous than many/most other scientists in the world.

Positive: very few scientists in the world are so/as famous as kalam.


Comparative: Rahul is better than Ramu.

Positive: Ramu is not so good as Rahul.

Comparative: Rahul speaks English better than Ramu.

Positive: Ramu does not speak English so/ as well as Rahul.

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