Ruby On Rails

This course is meant for those eager to develop powerful web apps.

Course Summary

It is a comprehensive course, which allows you to develop web applications. You are taught the different techniques to use Ruby on Rails programming language to develop web apps. On successful completion of the course, you can design and develop any web application imagined effortlessly. Ruby on Rails is one of the most powerful & popular web app development tool used by both mature software companies and start-ups. Few top sites using this platform are Twitter, Basecamp, Shopify, Groupon, Yellow Pages, Airbnb, Hulu, etc. Also developers of this category are said to command very high salaries in the domain. This is what makes this programming language a popular course among students.

The course trains you to learn how to develop something from complex to simple ones, production ready and deployable web applications. You are provided with a thorough introduction using this program’s framework. Code, references and directions are also provided by the faculty through lectures. The course has been designed to provide knowledge to students not having any prior web application development or programming experience as well as those who are experienced web app developers to help them specialized in this program development. Those with prior experience in web development or Ruby on Rails are provided with valuable knowledge about the ins & outs about back-end development using Rails & to develop complex apps.

If you have prior knowledge, then this programming language is easy to learn than other available programming languages. It is because of its methods, learning conventions, classes, expressiveness and readability factor. Learning the program allows you to switch to this language for back end development framework to develop robust web applications quickly. Being a complete course, it starts with Ruby, while ending with multiple web apps creation with Rails 5 and 6. Anyone eager to become a successful web developer can learn this program. This language has been designed taking into consideration programmer’s happiness. Using own apps, you can initiate your very own start-up.

The primary objective of this course is to help you in mastering many topics of Quantitative Aptitude and get you prepared for various competitive exams. This course improves learners efficiency in using mathematical problem solving techniques and standard formulas. There are quizzes after each section so the learners can test their knowledge after watching the respective video lecture.  Our course on Aptitude Test helps the learners to improve their numerical problem-solving skills. Besides improving their numerical skills the lessons and the model questions that we provide enable the learners to improve their critical thinking, logical reasoning and verbal as well as psychometric skills. Those who practice our model tests will be able to clear the Quantitative Aptitude Test of the various competitive exams as well as campus recruitment tests with speed and perfection. We provide the solution to each problem in simplified steps so that the learners can understand them easily.

Course Curriculum