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Selling Videos on Amazon

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If have several informational product to sell in the form of digital videos, then Amazon is indeed the best place to look for potential customers. But with thousands of products in different categories already existing, getting potential customers and selling your product can be a tough task. However, with this video series, you can convert your passion to passive income and also ensure steady flow. You will be taught how to earn money from people who watch your videos and enjoy it. This way, you can convert your short video clips, movies or existing YouTube videos to lifetime passive income.

By investing in this course, you get to learn the different ways by which you can get paid. You can earn hour based Royalties streamed though Amazon Prime members, enjoy revenue share for monthly channels, purchases and rentals as well as on ad impressions. The video series will also teach you to reach millions of active users who may be interested in your videos. This way, massive distribution will result in you making huge money. Amazon is a wonderful place to publish your digital videos. With this guide, you can know how you can harness the power associated with Amazon Video Direct & make it big.

Selling your videos through Amazon Video Direct is sure to provide you with huge passive income. The video series will offer you with variety of secrets and tactics, using which you can enhance your selling prospects. Everything is explained here in easy to understand language, with no guesswork involved. Also getting to master the contents given in the video series is easy and can be done within an hour or so. You can also learn how to price correctly for your product and monetize your videos effectively. Also you can learn to create videos to fit every screen size to increase customer base.

Course Lessons

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