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Python 3 Programming

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Course Description

Python is considered to be a popular, versatile and general purpose programming language. Being easy to read and concise, it is an amazing first language and just perfect for the programmer. It is used for various purposes ranging from software development to data science applications and web development. The course introduces you to both Python programming language and fundamental programming concepts. Python 3 is regarded to be the latest version introduced with several improvements to enhance code simplicity and efficiency that is developed.

Through the course, you can learn to process & fetch data from services available on the web. This course is meant for those who have already completed ‘Python Functions, Dictionaries and Files’ as well as ‘Python Basics’. Students with or without any programming language can avail this course. However, developers having knowledge of Python basics will be able to enhance their knowledge further. Hence, veteran programmers and beginners can undergo the course to avail more opportunities. The reason for its growing popularity is because of its simplicity and power. It has become a favorite scripting language for several large organizations across the globe including IBM, Yahoo & Google.

The course offers in-depth knowledge of Python 3, which allows you to develop more effective and efficient scripts. It covers basics of language usage and syntax including advanced features like exceptions, generators and objects. It also includes conditional iteration and execution as control structures, lists and strings as data structures. You also will be provided with examples that are applicable n real world situations. This program was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It is a dynamic and widely used programming language and offered called scripting language. Support is offered to multiple programming paradigms, auto memory management and it also implements basic concepts associated with OOP (object oriented programming).

Course Lessons

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