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Course Description

This course introduces you to retouching, editing and enhancing existing images. You also get to learn the different essential skills pertaining to how to come up with selective changes, retouch image and color correct. You are provided with basic knowledge of Photoshop including advanced skills to become an expert in the domain. If you do not have basic knowledge of graphic design, then you can find this program to be somewhat complex. But the course has been designed to accommodate beginners, those without any prior knowledge of graphic designing. Once you understand the basics, you can find it much easier to use this program to come up with stunning images.

On learning the course, you get to design business cards, icons, characters and illustrations. You also can improve & repair photos and clean face imperfections. Creative effects allow you to come up with compelling text styles. You can also remove objects or people from images, cut away some object or person from the background, master layers, selections as well as work with different layered panels. The course is designed in a manner to teach students the program in a fun-filled manner. You are provided with the very best techniques and can focus upon real world cases to enhance your knowledge and skills. This way, you can put in less efforts and gain optimum results.

The course also helps you to customize the best suitable program, come up with new projects to share your work, to edit, select and move layers, modify and create shapes, use different provided tools like a professional, repair & manipulate photos creatively, develop app icons and design cute characters. The various projects offered throughout the course allow you to learn the skills by working on it and not simply by memorizing them. You will be in full control and complete ambitious projects independently.

Course Lessons

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