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Go Programming Language - GoLang

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Course Description

Go or Go Lang is developed by Google and is considered to be a popular open source program. This course has been designed for those individuals having programming experience like using languages such as Java, Python or C. It also covers Go’s fundamental elements. Few topics include writing code, formats, protocols and data types which incorporate JSON & RFCs. The course provides you with complete knowledge as to how Go’s interface type systems and concurrency model is to be used to the fullest extent. Through this course, you control language basic structures and basic syntax.

It covers fundamentals basics as well as advanced features of Go lang. although, it is a tough programming language, you can master it through completing assignments, quizzes and working on multiple projects. It is similar to other languages, where you develop a code and come up with own programs. With its concurrency model, you can develop huge parallel systems. If you possess knowledge about Ruby or JavaScript, then you can grasp purpose of types. You also are taught to use packages to organize codes, use Go runtime to develop & compile projects. The faculties will also provide you with better insight of this language based critical design decisions including when basic features need to be used.

This course is meant for those eager to know its fundamental features and stay ahead of competition. Google had launched and supports this popularly used programming language. Other courses tend to teach you of-statements and for-loops only. Go Lang is considered to be the best one which allows you to explore fully its power. It is also viewed as Python of statistical kind of language. Learning approach for this program is to be similar to the ones followed for other programming languages. This language favors software engineering than programming language research. Moreover, it focuses on simplicity, readability, performance, concurrency and conciseness.

Course Lessons

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