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Current Affairs

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Course Description

The online course on Current Affairs offered by SmartLessons help the learners to be updated with the outstanding events, great incidents and new developments that occur nationally as well as internationally. We provide the learners study material that contain detailed update information pertaining to recent developments in India and other parts of the world. Since most of the Competitive Exams conducted by banks, UPSC and various Government Departments have a separate section to test the general awareness of the candidates, update knowledge on Current Affairs will enable the candidates to perform well in that section.

Our lessons and study material are very useful to the learners and those who get enrolled for this online course can attempt the General Awareness section with confidence and most of them will be able to get through the competitive exam comfortably and ultimately get selected for their dream jobs.While preparing the e-learning material we include current affairs under various categories that are relevant to the upcoming competitive exams. We train the learners to answer questions in two different sub sections of General Awareness - Dynamic and Static. While the syllabus for Static section remains the same the Dynamic sections will contain questions on Current Affairs. Those who attend our course will have perfect understanding of Current Affairs and they will be able to perform well in Government exams or any other competitive exam.

Course Lessons

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