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Communication Skills

The course trains you to understand your emotions, body language and improve your conversational skills.
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Course Description

To achieve success in life and career, be it at work or business, you need to develop proper communication skills. Not everyone is born with effective communication skills and may face hassles when trying to communicate with someone. A wrong action will only make others and things negative, thus losing potential opportunities. Hence, undergoing the course allows you to be aware about your language, emotions and body, thus allowing you to select & control yourself when interacting with others and create a positive impact. The course also trains you to become effective communicators. You will get to know what exactly you need to speak and avoid and when to say things.

By undergoing the course, you can learn the right ways to practice communication skills and enhance your conversational skills. On successful completion of the course, you will know how different actions you take may lead to great conversations, new perspectives and increased opportunities. This will be based upon Ontological Methods offered through the course materials and videos. The course has been designed to revolutionize the way you view language. Enrolling in this course is sure to do a lot of good for your personal life and also improve your career prospects.

This course has been designed for those trying to enhance their communication skills, to explore as well as to develop a better understanding of the framework, to know the type of conversations currently in and to take charge of the same, etc. You can benefit a lot from the course if you are a life coach, executive coach or leadership coach and want to be an expert in your domain. The course also trains you on five body dispositions along with its associated postures, emotion, story and breathing pattern, understand the relation between Promises, Offers & Requests, about 6 Speech Acts, difference between opinions (Assessments) & facts (Assertions), and much more.

Course Lessons

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