The Lok Sabha(House of the People) is the Lower house of India’s bicameral Parliament, with the Upper house being the Rajya Sabha. Members of the Lok Sabha are elected by adult universal suffrage and a first-past-the-post system to represent their respective constituencies, and they hold their seats for five years or until the body is dissolved by the President on the advice of the council of ministers. The house meets in the Lok Sabha Chambers of the Sansad Bhavan in New Delhi.

  1. It consists of 552 members as under:
  • 530 members elected by direct election on the basis of adult suffrage from amongst the States.
  • 20 members are elected form UTs.
  • 2 members to be nominated by the President of India to represent the Anglo Indian community.

2. Qualification:

  • A citizen of India
  • Not less than 25 years of age
  • Should not hold any office of profit under the Government
  • Should not be of unsound mind

3.  The first general elections were held in 1952 and the first Lok Sabha met on 113th March, 1952.

4.  The tenure of the Lok Sabha is five years (It was however increased to six years during the emergency by the 42nd Amendment).

5.  44th Amendment reduced the term of the Lok Sabha to 5 years again.

6.  The leader of the Opposition enjoys the rank of a Cabinet Minister.

7.  There should at least be two sessions in a year and the time gap between the two successive sessions should not exceed 6 months.

8.  Every year the first session of the Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha together) is addressed by the president.

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