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SSC Exams Package

For CHSL, CGL and CPO jobs

Package Description

The comprehensive online training course offers for those who want to appear for the forthcoming SSC Exams for CHSL, CPO and CGL jobs enables the learners to prepare thoroughly for the exam according to the current pattern of the exam. The learners can access this course anytime they want from any location using any device. The faculty members are available online for 24 x 7 so that the learners can access them whenever they want and clear their doubts. The learners are provided with updated e-learning material that are prepared by our talented and highly experienced trainers.

Learners can attend the video sessions for thoroughly understanding the concepts. The trainers provide the learners a lot of useful tips to score maximum marks in the section of the SSC Exam. The learners can view the videos as many times as they want and learners are given weekly assignments also covering all the subjects. The learners can practice by answering the thousands of model questions that are provided online. Mock Tests are conducted for all sections of the exams and our trainers send detailed feedback on all the mock tests written by the learners.

Target Audience

  • Candidates who will be appearing for the forthcoming SSC Exams for CHSL, CPO and CGL jobs
  • Those who want to re-appear for the SSC Exams for CHSL, CPO and CGL jobs
  • Candidates of SSC Exams who want to practice by answering model questions and write Mock Tests as part of their preparation

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare for the forthcoming SSC Exam for CHSL, CPO and CGL jobs according to the latest exam pattern
  • Attend the video sessions and gain better understanding of each subject
  • Gain more knowledge and revise the subjects regularly by answering the regular assignments
  • Clearing doubts by accessing the trainers online whenever required
  • Answer maximum number of model questions as a way of practicing for the exam
  • Write maximum number of Mock Tests conducted by us and establish balance between speed and accuracy
  • Go through the feedback from our trainers and take immediate steps to improve in those area where the learner lags behind
  • Receive a lot of useful tips from our experienced trainers to score maximum marks in the test
  • Make use of the e-learning material provided by us to increase knowledge in each subjectGet detailed solution for each sample question
Courses included

SSC Exams Package

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