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Sales and Marketing

By going through this course, you will be able to have a basic and overall knowledge about sales and marketing to attract the clients and do business.

Package Description

Sales and marketing are two business functions within an organization, they both impact lead generation and revenue. Sales include “operations and activities involved in promoting and selling goods or services.” Marketing includes “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.” This Course helps you to detail, design, and implement marketing plans for each product or service being offered. Sets marketing schedules and coordinates with colleagues, sponsors, media representatives, and other professionals to implement strategies across multiple channels.

Learning Objectives

  • Body Language Basics – the ability to see and understand how your own body language is being seen.
  • Call Centre Training helps you to improve phone skills so that you can build a good relationship with the customers or clients.
  • Employee Recognition is a basic human feeling like appreciation and special focus on the employee.
  • In Person Sales and Internet Marketing are the two major aspects of the business industry.
  • Marketing Basics teaches you basic knowledge and ability to build and grow business.
  • Multi-Level Marketing to enlarge your organization expansion.
  • Presentation Skills and Proposal Writing are the two main skills to make or break a person’s career.
  • Servant Leadership basically involves focusing on others, on their success.
  • Top 10 Sales Secrets to build a positive, long-lasting relationship with the customers.
Courses included

Sales & Marketing

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