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eBook Description: 

Sending professional resume has huge impact on recruiters as these template showcase your skills in best possible way. Your resume may be the most important marketing tool in your job search.

A resume is a one- or multi-page formal document that job hopefuls submit to hiring managers and employment recruiters as a means of itemizing their work experience, educational background, and special skills. 

In most cases, this presentation of your accomplishments and skills will be your first introduction to an employer. When creating your resume, remember that the goal is to produce a document that will convince each targeted employer to invite you to an interview.

An effective resume helps the prospective employer form a picture of you as a candidate who demonstrates the skills needed for the job and who achieves results.  Having a master resume on file allows you to maintain notes related to your experiences and when you apply for a position, you can pull from the master list to create a tailored resume.

This is a Resume Preparation Guide for Job Seekers who wants to prepare the Resume in a professional manner.

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